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Our teachers here at Hot Power Yoga are committed to helping you achieve your best practice. We have experience from both a teacher and student aspect to yoga, and prioritize your safety above all else. We are here for you, so don’t hesitate to let your teacher know where you are at so we can help you get the most from your own personal journey.

Keturah Liz Leavell

Keturah Liz was born and raised in Jackson, where her journey in yoga and meditation began. After moving to Laramie for school, she calls this place her home and started a family. When she isn’t working or on her mat, you can find her with her fiance, their dog Bodhi, and daughter Percy. Liz has been practicing yoga for over a decade and received her 200 hour certification in 2018. Her background in meditation and Buddhist study are important parts in her own personal yoga practice. Often, she will incorporate those special, personal pieces into the yoga room when she teaches. In her classes, you can expect to build some heat, but also allowing time to hold onto postures and dive deep connecting the mind to the practice. Consider it a moving meditation.

Beginning of summer, 2020, Liz went into a partnership to purchase the what was Ahimsa studio. With renaming it back to Hot Power Yoga, she is excited to see what other possibilities lie ahead for not only the studio, but the entire community we are lucky to be a part of.

Nevin Aiken

Nevin began his yoga practice in 2015 at Ahimsa Studio, during which he discovered the deep benefits of yoga for mind, body and spirit. In the summer of 2016, Nevin went on to deepen his physical practice and knowledge of the philosophical and spiritual elements of yoga through a RYT-200hr teaching training in Raja yoga (with Jaqueline Chiodo of Joyful Yoga) in Costa Rica. Since completing his teacher training, he has taught in Laramie at Blossom Yoga and Ahimsa as well as internationally in Northern Ireland, Israel and Canada. Nevin seeks to bring an integrated approach to the practice of yoga in his classes at Ahimsa combining a strong and soulful asana flow together with pranayama, mindfulness and meditation.

Nevin has a PhD in Political Science from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada, and, when he’s not practicing yoga, Nevin teaches and researches in peace and conflict studies as an Associate Professor of Political Science and International Studies at the University of Wyoming. In his spare time he can be found travelling the world or otherwise enjoying the wildness and beauty of nature at home in the Rocky Mountain West while skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, climbing, camping and mountain biking.

Devon O’Connell

Devon O’Connell (JD, RYT 500) is a lawyer and yoga teacher. Devon is devoted to the linking of breath and movement to build personal grit, resilience, and self-awareness. She came to yoga later in her life, after she turned 40. At her first class she was hooked and became a certified instructor in May of 2014 (when she was 44). She received her 500-hour certification in 2018.

Devon credits a regular yoga practice with an ability to handle the stresses of a full-time legal practice, motherhood, and small business ownership.“ My goal is to make classes fun, challenging, and insightful.” Devon incorporates interesting music and asana for playful, intriguing, and stimulating classes that are at the same time accessible and relatable.

Devon enjoys teaching to legal groups at conferences and conventions. Her legal presentations incorporate movement and yogic teachings that often qualify for ethics credit as she links ancient principles with the legal profession’s current ethical code.

O’Connell practices law at Pence and MacMillan LLC in Laramie, Wyoming, where her practice focuses on mediation, civil litigation, and family law litigation.

Eloise Fadial

Eloise is a college student at UW studying Biomedical Engineering. She has lived in Laramie, Wyoming for the last 12 years. Eloise was first drawn to yoga for the physical aspects, but soon found that the practice made her really happy. As an engineering student, yoga also became a way to release all the stress from homework and class. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she had a lot more time on her hands and decided that she wanted to take her practice to the next level. She earned her RYT-200 from the Yoga and Ayurveda Center in August 2020. In her free time, Eloise can be found in the backcountry either backpacking or AT skiing or in her hammock with a good book. Eloise is so excited to begin her teaching journey with the Hot Power Yoga studio. Eloise takes more of a physical approach to her practice, but does enjoy the occasional incorporation of the more spiritual side of yoga. Her Vinyasa Flows include a plenty of time to build up heat in the body. She incorporates hard work into her practice so that it becomes easier to find calmness in the mind.

Angela Kelly

Angela’s first experience of yoga was in 1999 when she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga System by Phineas Kelly, now her husband, and an Ashtanga yogini at a shalaon a small island in the middle of the Pacific, little did she know that it would shape her life in such profound ways. After many years of studying with her teachers and moving back to WY she started teaching classes. Angela has been a practitioner for 20 years and has taught yoga to all ages from school age children all the way up to Ashtanga Vinyasa for adults. Her classes start with slow detailed movement through sun salutations, with attention to bandhas and breath, and progresses gradually and mindfully into the primary series practice of Ashtanga. Angela’s teaching is a breath-centric vinyasa flow that moves deep into the subtleties of a rooted asana practice. She believes that Ashtanga can be a mirror and if we practice long enough there is opportunity for healing and real growth. Mostly though, she is humbled and forever grateful to her teachers in India and here in the U.S., with whom she continues study to understand the thread of this practice. She is grateful to her senior teachers Richard Freeman, Mary Taylor and Tim Miller here in the U.S. for walking this path with authenticity and courageously showing up for their students. She hopes she can offer a small fraction of their capabilities and what they have so graciously taught to her. Angela is excited to be a part of sharing the infinite and unending gifts of Ashtanga Yoga. She looks forward to meeting you on your mat.

Emily Braunberger

 Emily first came to Hot Power Yoga looking for an alternative to standard weights-and-cardio exercise, but instead found supportive peers, nurturing teachers, challenging classes, and everything she needed to find a better version of herself. As she improved herself, physically and mentally, she couldn’t wait for a chance to share this knowledge and experience with others. With this goal in mind, she completed her 200 hour yoga training in November 2015, and have put her infectious enthusiasm to good use. Emily shares her love of superheroes and Star Wars during classes at Ahimsa and Cathedral Home for Children.

Keileigh Yeend

Keileigh was first drawn to Yoga for the physical aspects, but soon found the spiritual, emotional, and mental sides were what benefited her most. As a Social Worker, Keileigh is a helper and healer who wanted to learn more about how Yoga can heal, so she earned her RYT-200 from Dharma in March 2018. She takes both a spiritual and physical approach to her practice. Keileigh has found the mindfulness in connecting breath and body can be carried throughout many activities and life changes.

Keileigh’s classes are a mixed approach of Mental, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing. Her goal is to help you find your own “ah ha” moments and go throughout your day being the best version of yourself. She focuses on helping you to take your work on the mat and carry it throughout your day.

Anastasia Brady

Anastasia first came to her mat in 2011 through her college roommate who was an instructor at the time. Following a heavy break-up, she thought it might be beneficial for her mental health and she was right. Her love of yoga was immediate, attending classes regularly and getting the added bonus of private, giggle-infused basement sessions with her yogi roomie. In 2013 Anastasia discovered hot yoga through Lifetime Fitness in Casper, Wyoming and her love only deepened. Already knowing the emotional benefits of yoga she was now connected with the physical benefits of her practice more than ever. In March of 2018, Anastasia received her 200-hour certification from Dharma, The Institute for Awakened Living.

Anastasia is a gentle soul and her teaching style reflects this in her softhearted classes. She is a mental health professional by day and her belief in the importance of mental-physical-emotional balance is tied into each of her classes with the hope of each student leaving her class feeling a deeper sense of harmony.

Off the mat, Anastasia enjoys spending every free second with her two rescue dogs, Arlo and Clyde, cooking with her husband, and recharging in the mountains when the Wyoming winds allow.

Kayleigh Bortolutti

Originally from Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kayleigh is a mother, student and RYT-200.

Kayleigh was first drawn to yoga for an alternate sweaty work out. As her commitment to the practice grew, she realized yoga was more than just a great work out, but a tool to help navigate her through life. She is fascinated with the various ways yoga asana can adapt to each individual’s body. Kayleigh hopes to offer a yoga class that fits each of her student’s needs. You can expect juicy adjustments and an enhanced sense of self when you leave Kayleigh’s class.

In the summer time, you can find her hiking with a baby carrier strapped to her back and in the snowy months, she will be skiing down the bunny slopes in the rocky mountains.

Jesse Johnston

Jesse is passionate about food, fitness, and optimal well-being. As a result, he’s been drawn to various disciplines throughout the last 10 years—he became a personal trainer in 2007, graduated from the University of Wyoming with a degree in Kinesiology and Health Promotion in 2012, attended massage therapy school in Costa Rica, completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2014, and became a certified Raw Food Chef at Living Light Culinary Institute.

“For me, yoga is an effective way to experience a state of ‘union’ or ‘wholeness’; a state when the mind and body, work together harmoniously. That’s why I’m drawn to nutrition, culinary arts, meditation, and strength training as well. Each of these in their own way cultivates vitality and self-awareness.”

He enjoys teaching challenging classes that leave students with a better understanding of anatomy, strength, and alignment.

Reba Nordin

Originally from Colorado, Reba graduated from the University of Wyoming in 2012. Having found that yoga practice through college helped with stress relief and self esteem, she wanted to learn more. She graduated from yoga training in 2016 falling in love with the practice and the people she came in contact with. She holds a career as a nurse, currently working as a Registered Nurse First Assistant in orthopedic surgery. She has a passion for intertwining yoga practice with anatomy and conscientious movement. In her spare time she enjoys going on surgical missions, spending time with her husband, riding horses, camping, cooking and being with her family.

Ashley Fox

Ashley grew up in Sheridan. As a lifelong athlete, physical activity continues to play a big part of shaping who she is. She holds a BS in human nutrition and foods, and she is RYT 200 certified. While attending UW, Ashley  taught yoga for a year in Half Acre gym. She currently manages a supplement shop in Laramie where she continues to expand her knowledge of nutrition and wellness.

Ashley loves yoga for its ability to remind her to breathe through difficult or painful times where growth is taking place whether it is on or off the mat. Her favorite yoga epiphany is that connecting the breath to an intense stretch can make the stretch easier and allow for a deeper stretch. 

In her classes, you will connect to your breath through each posture, find a rhythm and level that meets you where you are, and be encouraged to appreciate your practice.

Karla Luckie