Massage Therapy

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We have 2 in house massage therapists ready to help with your comfort and bodywork needs. You can view their upcoming schedules through the MindBody appointment scheduler, and you can always reach out to set up an appointment outside of pre-scheduled times.

Jesse Johnston

On top of being a yoga instructor at the studio, Jesse also practices therapeutic bodywork. He went to the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2013 and has been practicing ever since. Jesse’s broad understanding of strength and anatomy allows him to guide clients toward pain-free living on and off the massage table. He receives bodywork on a regular basis and is a strong advocate for the healing modality. He believes yoga and massage are excellent complements to each other and are vital to his personal well being.

50 minute Deep Tissue | $50

50 minute Swedish | $50

Molly Jo


Molly Jo graduated from Healing Arts Institute in 2016 as a certified massage therapist. She specializes in deep tissue massage and likes to target tight/injured muscles through stretching and cupping techniques. A bodywork session will be personalized based upon each clients needs, lifestyle and comfort level, with goals of maintaining a healthy posture and active muscle recovery. Molly Jo also works as a surgical technologist where she gets to see the inner workings of muscles, which has given her a more in-depth knowledge (literally).In her free time she is hiking, skiing and adventuring with her husband Nate and rambunctious toddler.

60 minutes bodywork | $55