With the use of a soft, silk aerial hammock, we can take our practice into the air! After regular practice, you’ll notice increased full-body flexibility and strength. Increase your muscle tone, coordination and overcome mental blocks and challenges! Using gravity and your own bodyweight, you can relieve joint pressure and spinal compression. This hour of fun and dynamic full body movement also releases endorphins. Similar to kids playing on the playground, this practice helps you feel energized, alert, and elevates your mood.

Fundamentals of Hammock Yoga

In this practice we will learn the basics of the aerial hammock. Expect some strength building work on the floor, and lots of time using the hammock to explore postures you might already know from a yoga practice. We will also learn the fundamentals of safety with using the hammock, and learn how to go upside-down and come back up easily. No yoga or aerial experience needed.

Hammock Yoga

A yoga class, assisted and elevated by an aerial hammock. Expect a flow style class that moves and feels similar to your regular floor practice. With the help of our hammocks, we can spend more time exploring our balance and strength. No yoga or aerial experience necessary- we will stay close to the ground in this practice. 

Aerial Hammock

This class works towards the aerial arts side of hammock. Build your strength as you learn new skills and start climbing higher off the ground. This class is more acrobatic than yoga, and we use different mats for our protection. While challenging, Liz works with each student to make sure they are working on the right skills for their ability level. We ask that if this is your first time with a hammock that you hop into the fundamentals class first, so we can explore safety and inverting before more skills are added.

Interested in booking a private first class or arranging more personalized 1-on-1 aerial arts training? Email Liz! laramiewyoyoga@gmail.com

“This was such an awesome class. Liz is wonderful. We will definitely be coming back!”

Ellen K.

“The most fun I ever had!”

Sydney B.

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