Hammock Yoga

What’s it all about?

Take your practice into the air. This class is designed from a yoga foundation, and given new depth and balance with the help of a soft aerial hammock. This prop is meant to hold the entire weight of the body, giving you more freedom of breath and posture exploration. Sometimes we’ll be supported by the earth and our hammock, other times we will be completely suspended in the air- this class works to your level of comfort. No yoga or aerial experience necessary. Explore the fun and freedom of flight!

Fundamentals of Hammock Yoga

In this practice we will learn the basics of the aerial hammock. Expect some strength building work on the floor, and lots of time using the hammock to explore postures you might already know from a yoga practice. We will also learn the fundamentals of safety with using the hammock, and learn how to go upside-down and come back up easily. No yoga or aerial experience needed.

Intermediate Hammock Flow

Work towards more strength and balance in your aerial practice. We will explore and build from our basic skills in fundamentals, and spend more of our time off the ground. Different variations of postures will be offered to both meet, and challenge your current skill set. Expect to climb a little higher above the ground, and have more opportunities to go upside-down! This class is designed for those with at least 1 previous hammock class. You should feel comfortable inverting safely in the hammock without assistance.

Gentle Hammock

Come to class and unwind. We’ll take more time in each of our postures creating space in the body instead of building heat. We’ll work through various yin and restorative postures, either assisted by, or fully supported by the hammock. The hammock will be low to the ground, creating a very nourishing and low impact practice.

“This was such an awesome class. Liz is wonderful. We will definitely be coming back!”

Ellen K.

“The most fun I ever had!”

Sydney B.

Classes are limited to 3 students at a time. Pre-registration is a must- find your class below!