Group Classes and Pricing

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Following CDC guidelines, and restrictions enforced by Albany County in accordance to Covid-19 precautions- Class size is limited to 9 students, spaced at least 6 feet apart. Masks are required before entering our facility, and may only be removed while actively practicing yoga, distanced from others. We thank you for your patronage and understanding.

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Ashtanga yoga is a liberating and flowing series of classic Yoga poses, linked one to another by connective movements and breath control. Special emphasis is on Ujjayi Pranayama, an ancient and powerful breathing technique, and on the muscular contractions Uddiyana Bandha (strengthening and cleansing the entire abdomen) and Mulabandha (strengthening and toning the pelvic floor). This practice is a self-care system designed to rejuvenate, strengthen and cleanse the entire body. The lineage of Ashtanga yoga reaches back thousands of years to the Sanskrit yoga sutras of Patanjalai and is the root from which all modern vinyasa and flow yoga classes have grown. For more detailed information about the rich history and modern practice of Ashtanga Yoga as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, India explore the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute online. 

Strong Soul Flow

A strong, meditative flow. This class encourages a true and deep awareness of Heart and Soul, while fueling the intelligence of the mind/body connection. You can expect dynamic and playful sequencing for the physical body with poetic emphasis on the energetic body. This class is held in a loving and healing environment.

Chisel & Tone | WARM

This is a flow class, but with weights. Adding weights to yoga helps to tone and firm the body faster, as well as burn more calories during the process. Chisel and Tone is more of an advanced class. We recommend you take a V1 first to get a basic flow pattern down if you are new to yoga. However, it is open to all levels.

Deep Stretch | HOT

Add an hour of deep muscle and joint recovery to your routine. Expect a little bit of dynamic movement, paired with complementary time in stillness exploring deeper stretches. This is a great addition to any level of regular activity, helping to keep the skeletal system in alignment.

Vinyasa Flow | WARM

Inspired and creative, this class will pull together a variety of postures, linking them together in a fluid sequence aimed to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength and endurance. This is a physically challenging class with lots of dynamic movement sure to work through any tight, tense places in the body and mind. Stretch and strengthen from head to toe.

Meditation Donation

Join us for 30 minutes of breathwork and meditation. Class starts with gentle movement to prepare the body for stillness. Once the body is settled class moves into breathwork to calm the nervous system before ending with meditation.


Get your heart rate and energy level up with this fun HIIT aerobics based class! Break up your regular yoga routine and see what some interval training can add to your regular practice! We recommend bringing in athletic shoes for this class in addition to your mat.

Power Flow | WARM

Dive into a well-balanced flow, designed to disintegrate your modern-world obligations & pull you deep within the quiet center of your being for 60 mindful (and sweaty) minutes.


Zen is a restorative class. The focus is relaxation. Class will be centered on holding a few simple poses for a long time. Props such as blocks, bolsters, and straps are used in this class to move deeper into poses.

Mellow | WARM

This is your chance to slow down, ease in and enjoy yoga at a relaxed pace. This gentle class gives plenty of time to explore your body’s full range of motion and dive into its deeper rhythms.
Mellow is a contemplative class that will quiet the mind, decompresses the body and help you absorb the many benefits of your practice.
Do less to experience more.

Sunrise Flow | HOT

Rise right with this invigorating All Levels Flow class! Come as you are and experience the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of a disciplined early morning practice. Open your body, unfold your breath and awaken your mind while setting the tone for your day.

V2 | online only

V2 is a fun whole-body practice, designed to challenge every yoga body. The set sequence will challenge all your muscle groups and keep you mentally engaged. V2 builds on the same sequence, but with variations to help develop your practice.
With this practice, the poses will stay the same, it will be you that changes!

Mind Body Sculpt WARM

Sculpt every muscle from the ground up. Expect a diverse, creative, dynamic class, carefully structured to work the mind, the body and the breath into synchronization. With or without free weights, this class is going to liven and strengthen your being.
Sweat. Balance. Sculpt.


Practitioners are led through a series of poses intended to release range of motion and energy held deep within the joint capsules of the body. Often focusing heavily in the root of our limitations, practitioners practice full control of their parasympathetic nervous system with patient, regulated breathing and deliberate relaxation. This class does not require any prior knowledge in Asana practice of any kind, but an open mind is encouraged as one may encounter rewarding physical challenges along the way.