Our Classes

Power Flow

Dive into a well-balanced flow, designed to strengthen, balance and energize your body from head to toe. Building heat and intensity with your practice, enjoy balancing, twisting and everything in-between.


This is your chance to slow down, ease in and enjoy yoga at a relaxed pace. This gentle class gives you plenty of time to explore your body’s full range of motion and dive into its deeper rhythms.

Vinyasa Flow

Flow style yoga emphasizes the sequential movement postures, coordinated with and guided by breath. The vinyasa practice becomes a moving meditation that builds strength and mobility in the body and mind.


V1 is our set-sequence class- a fun and challenging full body workout, building a strong foundation to a vinyasa practice. Target all the major muscle groups and build heat while practicing breath to movement transitions through postures.

Mat Pilates

This energizing class works on strengthening the core and training the arms and legs. Focusing on alignment, breath and controlled movements, building up strength and flexibility with practice.


This practice allows you to slow down, relax and turn inward, helping to alleviate stress and restore energy levels. This practice also improves flexibility, boosts circulation and reduces tension in the ligaments, improving joint function.


Sculpt every muscle from the ground up. Expect a diverse, creative and dynamic class structure to work the mind, body and breath together. Using optional hand-weights throughout class, this practice will liven and strengthen your being. Sweat. Balance. Sculpt.

Yoga Barre Fusion

Start off with a yoga flow, helping to wake up and warm the body before working into a Barre practice on the mat. Using small movements and optional weights to strengthen and tone from head to toe.


An extension from our V1 practice, this class will work up into a peak posture or flow. Expect a flow style practice, moving with the breath, with grounding work, standing postures, twisting movements and a rewarding restorative period at the end.


Using long-held, supported resting poses, creating conditions to practice the skill of conscious relaxation and releasing habitual tension in the body and mind. Restorative yoga asks: How can I let my body and mind unwind? How can I do less?” 

Blindfold V2

Similar to our usual V2 practice, just with blindfolds! Take your time exploring practice without our sense of sight. Strengthen your balance and heighten your awareness on the mat. You are welcome to bring your own bandana or blindfold, but we have plenty available to borrow too!