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Mind BOOTY Sculpt

Challenge your mind and body with extra attention to the glutes. Improve body awareness, coordination, and mobility while building strength and endurance in your backside. In this class we focus on developing and conditioning the posterior to improve athletic performance, posture and aesthetics.


V1 is our set-sequence class; we practice the same poses in the same order each class. V1 is a challenging full body workout – we focus on all the major muscle groups, as well as get some cardio through our breath-to-movement pace.

The beauty of this type of practice is the consistency – you’ll be able to more easily track your progress and development as a yogi, in both the physical and mental aspects of practice. While this class is fantastic for beginners, you seasoned yogis will find a great moving meditation as you work through the familiar sequence. 

Another benefit to practicing V1 is that once you know the basic sequence of class, you will have the confidence to begin challenging yourself with variations of the poses. You will also develop a strong yoga foundation that you can carry with you to any other class at HPY.

Deep S T R E T C H

Add an hour of deep muscle and joint recovery to your routine. Expect a little bit of dynamic movement, paired with complementary time in stillness exploring deeper stretches. This is a great addition to any level of regular activity, helping to keep the skeletal system in alignment.

Power Flow

Dive into a well-balanced flow, designed to disintegrate your modern-world obligations & pull you deep within the quiet center of your being for 60 mindful (and sweaty) minutes.

Body Burn

Come to class to work and have a great time doing it! Working with a variety of exercises and drills, this is the full body workout you need. Expect to strengthen your cardio endurance as well as build muscle and burn through fat. This is a combination of HIIT, weight training and body endurance. Wear your shoes, and sunscreen in the summer- we’ll take this practice to the parking lot when we can!

Vinyasa Flow

This class not only explores the postures we already know, but the spaces in between them. Spend the hour solidifying the link between your fluid breath and an over-time fluid movement. Find more endurance and strength in the body, as well as more space and length. Enjoy this physically demanding, but nourishing class benefiting the whole body and mind.


V2 is a fun whole-body practice, designed to challenge every yoga body. The set sequence will challenge all your muscle groups and keep you mentally engaged. V2 builds on the same sequence, but with variations to help develop your practice.
With this practice, the poses will stay the same, it will be you that changes!

Fusion Flow

This class is designed to build strength, increase flexibility and improve mobility while bringing attention to your breath and body. Fusion flow is a blend of vinyasa yoga, qi gong, and calisthenics with a hint of martial arts and dance. Expect a dynamic, full-body workout that leaves you energized and more aware.

Mind Body Sculpt

Sculpt every muscle from the ground up. Expect a diverse, creative, dynamic class, carefully structured to work the mind, the body and the breath into synchronization. With or without free weights, this class is going to liven and strengthen your being.
Sweat. Balance. Sculpt.