Class Descriptions

Ashtanga Led Primary Series
M 5-630p

“The mother of vinyasa”, this practice is designed to purify the body, promote proper functioning of the digestive system, build strength and restore range of motion in the body. This method of yoga is taught by linking postures with deep, even breathing, building prana in the body. Come to class as you are, build up the strength that you already have. Each week, watch your practice bloom and grow!

Mellow Flow
M 7P

This is your chance to slow down, ease in and enjoy yoga at a relaxed pace. This gentle class gives you plenty of time to explore your body’s full range of motion and dive into its deeper rhythms. Mellow is a contemplative class that will quiet the mind, decompress the body, and help you absorb the benefits of your practice.

Power Flow
T, Th 6a
Sat 730a

Dive into a well-balanced flow, designed to strengthen, balance and energize your body from head to toe. Building heat and intensity with our practice, enjoy everything from balancing, twisting and everything in between.

Fusion Flow
T 830a

This class is designed to build strength, increase mobility and overall body awareness. Fusion flow is a blend of vinyasa yoga, qi gong and calisthenics. Expect a dynamic, full-body workout that leaves you energized and more aware.

T 430p

V1 is a challenging full body workout, building a strong foundation to a vinyasa practice. We target all the major muscle groups as well as getting in some cardio through our breath-to-movement pace. As you start gaining familiarity to how the sequence flows, you’ll be able to build on and add fun variations to your favorite poses, a great practice to translate to any other class at HPY.

Mat Pilates
W 6a

This energizing class works on strengthening the core and training the arms and legs. We focus on alignment, breath, strength building, controlled movement and flexibility.

Mind Body Sculpt
W 6p
Th 830a

Sculpt every muscle from the ground up. Expect a diverse, creative and dynamic class structured to work the mind, body and breath together. Wither or without hand weights, this class is going to liven and strengthen your being. Sweat. Balance. Sculpt.

Th 6p

An extension from our V1 practice, this class will work up into a peak posture. Expect a vinyasa practice with grounding, standing, twisting, a peak pose and a very rewarding restorative period at the end.

Deep Stretch
Th 730p

Add an hour of deep muscle recovery to your routine. Expect a little bit of gentle movement paired with complementary time in deeper stretches exploring your range of movement. This is a great addition to any level of regular activity, helping to keep your muscles smooth and feeling good.

Vinyasa Flow
F 830a

This class not only explores the postures we already know, but the spaces in between them. Spend the hour deepening your breath, smoothing out your movements and building endurance with full body movements. Enjoy this challenging, but nourishing class benefiting the whole body and mind.

Sun 730p

Step into an hour of restorative bliss. You will be guided through a small number of postures that help the body relax into a completely restorative state. Supported with props, you might find yourself losing sensation of your physical being as you drop into a state of deep rest. Accompanied with hints of Yoga Nidra, this class is very quiet and still, allowing you to let go and heal.