sit with yourself…

Why is it so important to feel comfortable being with yourself? How can we use it in yoga, and what’s an easy way to learn?

First of all, what does it mean to be with yourself? This can look like the start to your meditation, or having a cup of coffee in silence. It’s the ability to sit, observe and let yourself be. Not fixing, not fighting, just being and breathing. Practicing this is so important because it helps strengthen your inner guide and brings balance to the central nervous system. From there we can tap into a plethora of physical and emotional benefits. (stronger immune system, better sleep, stronger emotional intelligence just to name a few)

We like to bring this right alongside our yoga practice as a way to get more out of it. If you came to class everyday, ignored your body and didn’t move in ways that felt good to you, it would be hard to get much out of it and make this a sustainable practice. Instead, if you start off by studying yourself, you will most likely move in ways that feel good for that day. You will automatically make room for shifts in your practice, turning it up, and bringing it down as your body, your energy needs. This way of practicing leads to more nourishing, and life-long sustainable movement.

At the beginning of practice, your teacher might start off laying down or in a seat. Maybe you even start standing up. From there, you will be offered a little time to just breathe and observe. If this is a newer practice, this can sometimes be the hardest part. Eventually we can take this same self observation through our entire asana practice- the time in class where we move and flow our energy. Your entire yoga practice can be a moving self study about letting yourself be.

Being with yourself can look different for everyone, and a yoga practice can be a great way to tap in. Start off easy- sit comfortably, place your hands on your belly, soften your eyes and just breathe. Don’t change anything, just observe. Move your awareness from your head to your feet and notice how it all feels.

you can find yourself when you are comfortable with yourself ♡

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