It happens to all of us. We find something new that we love. We throw ourselves into it, do it all the time and within a couple of months we burn out and fall out of practice. How can you cultivate a practice that is nourishing, self sustaining, and fulfilling?

First of all, find out what different classes excite you! What are the practices that lift your mood and energy? It might be a fast paced sculpt class, or a mellow low to the ground vinyasa sequence. This might change over the seasons- In the summer, I love really big dynamic movements because my body is naturally warmer and more open. As the seasons change, I like to come back to my center power more for a grounding strength practice. Once you find that practice that most fits your body and your season, start exploring other classes that are different, but complimentary. If you are a power and sculpt yogi, slowing down with a stretch class is beneficial for keeping a longer practice. If slow moving practices are your thing, try a vinyasa class every couple of weeks just to kick up that stored energy. You don’t need to pack a week full of different yoga classes to maintain a healthy practice, but mixing it up a little during your month will make your body happier and wanting to continue this practice for months, years and decades to go.

What happens when you already have an established routine of classes, but have a hard time committing to coming to practice? This happens to all of us too. Even teachers. Even teachers who own yoga studios. I often talk about that “magic” we feel in the hot room. After a practice, or right in the hot mess of it, we feel pretty great. Our energy is up, we are generally more relaxed, and often in a room with friends and neighbors. Even if it was a hard practice, we all feel a little bit of that magic somewhere. So how can you take that with you out of the hot room and into the rest of your day? Do yoga! My favorite go to pose for my desk chair right now is a seated figure 4 with a hamstring fold when my eyes need a break. When I’m folding laundry I switch my feet between different variations of warriors. Even my husband has joined in for a nightly puppy pose standing against the wall. It’s not a yoga class, but it’s still what keeps me always connected to that practice, and ultimately the community that I’ve found residing within that practice.

Mix it up, take your rests, and fall in love with your yoga practice ~Liz

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